Triumphs of Loyalty on Urantia

Pertti Leinonen, FINLAND
July 5, 2012                   

Early phase
We, who are familiar with the message of Urantia Book, know that the sphere we are living on is quite extraordinary and unique. To begin with we are living on a decimal planet meaning that the Life Carriers have been permitted to modify here the physical patterns of life differently from the standard life formulas. Every tenth planet is known to be a life experimental planet where the Life Carriers may test solutions for new life forms.
The human will emerged for the first time on Urantia already among the natives of Urantia which is not the case normally. It usually happens after the colored races appear. The colored races made their appearance on Urantia half a million years ago and even that process proved to be exceptional. The first individuals appeared all in the same family.
The divine interference was experienced on Urantia for the first time upon the appearance of the colored races. The Planetary Prince and his staff arrived on Urantia. The planet received now a superhuman planetary ruler accompanied by the usual corps of assistants and administrative helpers as well as angelic co-operators and other celestial beings. From our standpoint interesting were the members of the corporeal staff that was called the Caligastia one hundred. It was made up of 50 men and 50 women, individuals who were chosen out of a large group of volunteers to be sent to Urantia as teachers and builders of the civilization of this young planet.   They were ascendant mortal humans possessing the provisional citizenship of Jerusem, the capital of our local system. They had not yet fused with their Thought Adjusters and their Adjusters were detached. None of them were from Urantia. These 100 persons were brought to Urantia by seraphic transport and rematerialized here which meant transplanting the life plasm of the natives of Urantia. For that purpose the Life Carriers had searched for suitable counterparts among the descendants of Andon and Fonta. The life plasm from these individuals’ bodies was then transferred to the specially created physical bodies of the newly arrived volunteers. After that both physical groups were attuned to life circuits of the system. This arrangement along with the fruits of the tree of life guaranteed the continuation of their immortality as long as this practice was held. The voluntary plasma donators were honoured by accepting them to be personal assistants and companions of the staff for a long time forward.
Without going more detailed to how this excellent pioneer group created culture and organized their assignments we can state that the headquarters of Caligastia, the Planet Prince, and his staff was situated in Dalamatia in the Persian Gulf region corresponding to later Mesopotamia for about 300 000 years’ time completing the assingment successfully as initiator of the civilization according the divine plan.

Planetary rebellion
The rebellion started about 200 000 years ago. It was already the third one in Nebadon. The starter of the rebellion was Lucifer who was the ruler of the Satania system at that time. He was brilliant primary Lanonandek Son who had excellent records and who was one of the most able personalities of his kind. It is still a mystery how a being of such a noble birth can err and turn off the divine trail.
This happened when Lucifer and his first assistant Satan had ruled the system of 607 inhabited planets over 500 000 years. Lucifer’s three-part Declaration of Liberty was the final outbreak of the rebellion.
He attacked straight towards
    •    the reality of the Universal Father
    •    the universe government of the Creator Son-Michael
    •    the universal plan of ascendant mortal training.
He criticized harshly the governance of that time and remanded autonomy on the planet level and voluntary alliance with the local system. He did accept neither the legislative status of the constellations nor the administration of justice of the universum capital. All this was  meant to raise Lucifer and his allies to a special position which was against the will of the Universal Father and the rule of the Creator Son. The rebellion had terrifying consequences especially as to relationships between the superhuman beings and also to the future destiny of the rebellious beings.
Upon the outbreak of the rebellion Urantia was immediately isolated from her sister systems by cutting off of the constellation circuits. There was “war in the heaven” meaning  chaos as well as necessity to take sides both in the capital Jerusem and on individual inhabited planets.

Courageous Manotia
The loyalty and courageous conduct of Manotia, the second in command of the Satania headquarters’ seraphim, is specially praised during the critical moments of the rebellion outbreak. But let us hear what Manotia himself has to tell us:

“But my most exhilarating moment was the thrilling adventure connected with the Lucifer rebellion when, as second seraphic commander, I refused to participate in the projected insult to Michael; and the powerful rebels sought my destruction by means of the liaison forces they had arranged. There was a tremendous upheaval on Jerusem, but not a single loyal seraphim was harmed.
(606.7) 53:6.4 “Upon the default of my immediate superior it devolved upon me to assume command of the angelic hosts of Jerusem as the titular director of the confused seraphic affairs of the system. I was morally upheld by the Melchizedeks, ably assisted by a majority of the Material Sons, deserted by a tremendous group of my own order, but magnificently supported by the ascendant mortals on Jerusem.

(606.8) 53:6.5 “Having been automatically thrown out of the constellation circuits by the secession of Lucifer, we were dependent on the loyalty of our intelligence corps, who forwarded calls for help to Edentia from the near-by system of Rantulia; and we found that the kingdom of order, the intellect of loyalty, and the spirit of truth were inherently triumphant over rebellion, self-assertion, and so-called personal liberty; we were able to carry on until the arrival of the new System Sovereign, the worthy successor of Lucifer. And immediately thereafter I was assigned to the corps of the Melchizedek receivership of Urantia, assuming jurisdiction over the loyal seraphic orders on the world of the traitorous Caligastia, who had proclaimed his sphere a member of the newly projected system of ‘liberated worlds and emancipated personalities’ proposed in the infamous Declaration of Liberty issued by Lucifer in his call to the ‘liberty-loving, free-thinking, and forward-looking intelligences of the misruled and maladministered worlds of Satania.’”

(607.1) 53:6.6 This angel is still in service on Urantia, functioning as associate chief of seraphim.

How many planets in Satania chose the rebels’ side?

Upon the outbreak of the rebellion this local system included 607 inhabited planets. The Urantia Book tells that 37 planets, that is 6 percent  of the inhabited planets, went to the rebels’ side. So we can state that the the rebellion was hardly a success. In any case Urantia was one of those and the consequences of this episode have a marked impact on the history and the spiritual administration of our planet.

Urantia joins the rebellion

Satan visited Urantia on a mission soon after Lucifer’s Declaration of Liberty. The result was that Caligastia joined the rebellion and thus betrayed the trust shown to him as a Planet Prince. He planned to proclaim himself the absolute sovereign of the planet.  His associate Daligastia demanded that all the staff members should hand over their duties to be shared  a new later on. This was an outrageous demand. All superhuman beings were compelled to make their choice.

Heroic humans of Urantia – Van and Amadon 
When the demand on handing over the duties was expressed Van appealed at once to Lucifer but the answer was to follow obediently the instructions of Caligastia.  As a reaction to this Van held his memorable seven hour speech officially charging Daligastia, Caligastia and Lucifer of disdaining the sovereignty of the ruler of the Nebadon universum. He thus appealed to the Most Highs of Edentia to receive support and confirmation to his accusation. At this point  the circuits had already been cut off and Urantia isolated.
Van represented the supreme court of tribal co-ordination and racial co-operation among ten councils under the Prince’s staff. Van and his modified human associate fighted bravely for the divine plan and they had to wait for seven long years before one of the Most Highs of Edentia together with the emergency Melchizedeks arrived to seize the authority of the planet.
Van and the other loyalists withdrawed to the western highlands of India and built up, as originally planned, ten groups each consisting of four supercitizens. The loyal staff members and immortal human assistants were transported to Jerusem after these seven years. The rest of the loyal Andonic assistants with Van and Amadon as their leaders were the biological souring agent that produced numerous leaders in the dark times after the rebellion. Van and Amadon were left on Urantia until the time of Adam and sustained by the technique of the tree of life with the specialized life ministry of the Melchizedeks.
The affairs of Urantia were administered by twelve Melchizedek receivers and assisted by an advisory council consisting of numerous heavenly personalities, and what is very interesting, of advisers from two neighboring planets! The planetary policies of the Melchizedeks were executed by Van and after one thousand years over 350 advanced groups had been formed abroad the planet. These groups consisted of the descendants of the loyal Andonites mixed with blue men of the colored races and of Nodites.  Notwithstanding the regression caused by the rebellion biological reserves remained.  By developing them forward Van and Amadon succeeded in sustaining the natural evolution of the human race over 150 000 years during which the level was achieved that the Material Son and Daughter could be donated to Urantia.
The account of the rebellion belongs to the history of Urantia and is only briefly and in a symbolic way referred to in the Bible.  Only in the Urantia revelation we have an understandable report on this exciting but tragic phase of the ancient times and of the bravery of the loyal individuals who devoted themselves totally to contribute to  truth and righteousness  instead of injustice and self-importance. Those mortals who had already been accepted as citizens of Jerusem did not fall. The union of the Thought Adjuster and a devoted mind is an effective assurance and guarantee of the path of the iternity.

Even if the Satania rebellion caused a lot of problems and evil things the Melchizedeks state that the amount of the  good  has grown thousand times more than that of the evil! This is due to the forbearing conduct of the Edentia Constellation Fathers and the Paradise Universal Father only.