The program began Friday evening and ended around noon on Monday. The theme of the conference was "Living Faith". Sharing our spiritual lives, our experiences of spiritual growth and our love for our fellows was a natural part of the conference experience. Just for memory, the program schedule is still online ...

Program Details

Friday, 6th of July 2012

  • Early Arrivals:  Check-in at the hostel starts at 14.00 but some rooms might be available earlier.
  • 16.00 - 17.45 Mingle in the Hostel lounge with other Urantia Book readers and discuss the weekend program.
  • 17.45 Welcome Session and Information in the Conference room.
  • 18.30 (For those interested) Leisurely walk through the surrounding neighborhood before dinner 
  • 19.00 Dinner at the Bavarian restaurant and beer pub Löwenbräu am Gendarmenmarkt Address: Leipziger StraBe 65 (just a few blocks from the Hostel and right next to Checkpoint Charlie)
  • Evening: Mingle at the hostel.

Saturday, 7th of July 2012

  • Breakfast (begins at 8:00)
  • 9:00 Welcome and introduction (conference room). What is living faith?
  • 9:15 Jon Zoba (USA) - Living Faith
  • 9:30 Participants introduce themselves and share on: What is "Living Faith" for you? What is the situation like in your countries?
  • 10.40 Break
  • 11:00 First Study Group Sessions introduced (in groups of 5-6) Living faith and applying teachings to everyday life.  
  • 12:15 Lunch break (preferably eating nearby with discussion group) 
  • 13:45 Markus Isaksson (Sweden) Teaching by example and revealing truth, beauty and goodness in one's life 
  • 14:00 Mike MacIsaac (USA / Sweden) On Urantia Community
  • 14:15 Group Photo
  • 14.30 Begin sightseeing walk to locations not far from the hostel followed by free time
  • 18:30 Dinner at "Vapiano", Mittelstraße 51. (about 800 m. from the hostel)
  • 21:30 Socializing, music and sharing in the evening 

Sunday, 8th of July 2012

  • 08:00 Breakfast
  • 9:15 Moment of silence and a song of worshipful music
  • 9:30 Esa Irri (Finland/Germany) Living Faith and Service in the Urantia Community - building effective networks.
  • 9:45 Pamela MacIsaac (USA) - Reflections on Faith
  • 10:00 Talk 
  • 10:15 Short Break
  • 10:45 Second Study Group Session: (new groups) Applying teachings to everyday life - Conflict resolution in light of the UB. 
  • 12:00 Lunch in the neighborhood with discussion group when you so desire.
  • 13:30 Sharing in conference room (Each group will share a bit concerning their insights and reflections from their discussions)
  • 14:15 Clemens Trauzettel (Germany): The possible future of music on Urantia                                            
  • 14:30 (Pertti Leinonen Finland) Triumfs of loyalty on Urantia
  • 14:45 Charlie Fox (UK): Christianity & the UB - faith commonalities
  • 15:00 Break
  • 15:20 Third Study Group Session: Applying teachings to everyday life - what is the best approach at work? Living in such secular societies? 
  • 16:00 - 17:30 free time
  • 17:30 Dinner at the traditional German restaurant Alt-Berliner Wirtshaus address: Wilhelmstr. 77
  • 19:00 Film: "A Feast of Uncertainty" (a documentary based on the UB) introduced by Richard Jernigan (USA) who created the film.
  • 21:00 Leisure in the conference room for those that so desire (inspiring music etc.)

Monday, 9th of July 2012

  • Breakfast (begins at 8:00)
  • 9:15 Music and moment of silence 
  • 9:30 David Fabe (USA) Christianity, secularism and faith in the future 
  • 9:45 Sandra Burga-Cisneros (Peru/Switzerland) - Living Faith, a personal experience
  • 10:00 Costas Diamantopoulos (Greece/UK) Twelve characteristics evidencing genuine faith during testing intellectual & social situations
  • 10:15 Move about and get circulation going after sitting (lead by Clemens)
  • 10:30 Break
  • 10:50 Fourth group session
  • 11:45 Groups share with the entire group
  • 12:30 Closing prayer, sharing and summary 
  • 12:40 Those that do not have a plane to catch eat lunch and discuss how to spend the afternoon, such as a trip to Potsdam.